• If you want your refrigerator to cool better, fill it with salt in a container to absorb moisture.
• Soak in salty cold water to defrost the meat that comes out of the freezer quickly.
• If the bottom of your jug ​​is dirty, put a handful of salt and vinegar in it and shake it.
• Sprinkle a pinch of salt on the pan before the oil heats up to prevent the oil from splashing while frying.
• Put some salt in the bread box to prevent your bread from getting moldy.
• Pour enough salt to cover stains such as food, oil, juice and wine while they are still fresh.
• Take some salt in your palm and rub it in order to get rid of the garlic, onion and fish smell on your hand. Then wash with soapy water.
• To store peeled potatoes before they turn black, soak them in salted water.
• To clean better and remove bad odors, wipe your sink with rock salt.
• In order for your matted carpets and rugs to regain their old bright and vivid colors, wipe them with a cloth dipped in very salty water and wrung out.
• To make your new vacuum more durable, soak it in salt water for a while before using it for the first time.
• Make it a habit to wash your vegetables in salt water to clean them more effectively and quickly.
• Wash with salt water to make your colored curtains and washable fiber carpets look brighter.
• Add salt to make the pastries more crispy.
• Boil the eggs in salted water for easy peeling.