Salt is an indispensable ingredient in the making of bakery products. It plays an important role in both improving the flavor of the dough and improving its functional properties. Here are some key points of using salt in bakery products:

  1. Adding Flavor: Salt improves the flavor of ingredients used in bakery products. When used in good balance, salt allows the other flavors of the dough to come out better. At the same time, it enriches the general flavor of the product by providing the balance of salt, sweet and salty.

  2. Controlling the Thickness of the Dough: Salt is used to regulate the consistency of the dough. Salt controls the water of the dough and promotes the development of gluten. Gluten is a protein network that forms the elastic structure of dough, and well-developed gluten makes bakery products voluminous and fluffy.

  3. Regulating the Fermentation Process: Salt plays an important role in controlling the fermentation process of the dough. The appropriate amount of salt regulates the activity of the yeasts and allows the dough to rise. At the same time, salt prevents the yeast from working too fast and prevents the dough from rising and collapsing.

  4. Extending Shelf Life: Salt also helps in increasing the shelf life of bakery products. Salt inhibits the growth of microorganisms by reducing water activity. This ensures that the products remain fresh and durable.