Our Mission

As a strong salt brand,

  • Making quality, delicious, healthy and innovative products
  • Presenting the best and the most valuable in our category to humanity
  • To maximize the value created for our consumers, customers, suppliers and human resources.
Our Vision
  • To be recognized as a salt brand and to grow by differentiating
  • Developing innovative products
  • To be present at the world tables and industry channels with our brand as Turkey's salt brand
  • To grow by adding value to all our stakeholders with our passionate teams in all areas we operate and to become one of the most valuable brands of our country.
Why Tuncer Tuz?
Because Tuncer Tuz is specialized in salt production for all food branches. It is a preferred and sought-after brand with its quality products, service understanding, technological infrastructure, firsts and vision it has brought to the sector at every point it serves. With more than 12,000 different uses, salt is trusted by various industries such as the food industry, the chemical industry, power generation, leather processing and textile dyeing. For over 40 years, Tuncertuz has been leading the way in helping customers optimize the use of salt in their products and processes.

Providing salt supply to market chains, gourmet retail outlets, worldwide leading food manufacturers, water softening industry and companies producing in many different categories, Tuncertuz can produce many different branded salt product groups quickly and efficiently. Your company can benefit from a ready supply chain and reduce costs with accurate and fast production. From project management to packaging and shipping, we coordinate the entire process from start to finish.

years of experience in the industry!

The experience we have gained over the years in salt processing is our greatest assurance..


We are a preferred brand with our quality products, service understanding and vision at every point we serve.


We follow the developing technology closely and aim to transform innovations into innovative products.